Sonny Munroe (sofar_sogr8) wrote,
Sonny Munroe

Lost Actriz [Action Post]

[Enter one dazed and confused Sonny Munroe, wandering about the center of the village.] Hi! My name's Sonny! [Needless to say, she looks a little lost, but in spite of that fact, she's trying to remain cheerful as she explores.] Hi! I'm Sonny! [The golden-yellow wings on her back flutter nervously to the rhythm of her heart rate.] Hello there! My name's Sonny! [To just about everyone she sees, she gives a toothy grin and a wave.]

Hi, I'm Sonny!

[Perhaps she's bumped into you?]
Tags: community: luceti, give her a hand, lost tween actress, newb in the city, sonny munroe
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