Sonny Munroe (sofar_sogr8) wrote,
Sonny Munroe

Running Running! [Action/Accidental Voice]

[Sonny is on the outskirts of the village picking a few wild flowers for her dorm. Then she sees some butterflies.]

Oh my gosh, butterflies!

[She reaches a hand out to one of them, allowing it to flutter to a rest on her outstretched finger.]

Aww! You're so cute!

[Until it starts gnawing at her skin. In the mean time, a butterfly lands on her shoulder, another one landing on the hem of her skirt.]

Ow ow ow ow ow! Ouch!

[She's frantically shaking the butterfly off, slapping at her neck and swatting at her knee. Soon the pretty bouquet of flowers in her hand is doubling as a swatter, leaves, petals and pollen flying everywhere.

[In the process of her swatting, her journal falls out of her pocket and lands open in the dirt. Frantically, she picks it up by a few pages and the front cover, running away from the scene.]

Oh my gosh! Even the butterflies here are mean!
Tags: crazy butterflies, luceti, so far not great, sonny munroe, under attack!
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