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So Far, So Great!
Sonny With a Dream
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Say What?
[Sonny is on the outskirts of the village picking a few wild flowers for her dorm. Then she sees some butterflies.]

Oh my gosh, butterflies!

[She reaches a hand out to one of them, allowing it to flutter to a rest on her outstretched finger.]

Aww! You're so cute!

[Until it starts gnawing at her skin. In the mean time, a butterfly lands on her shoulder, another one landing on the hem of her skirt.]

Ow ow ow ow ow! Ouch!

[She's frantically shaking the butterfly off, slapping at her neck and swatting at her knee. Soon the pretty bouquet of flowers in her hand is doubling as a swatter, leaves, petals and pollen flying everywhere.

[In the process of her swatting, her journal falls out of her pocket and lands open in the dirt. Frantically, she picks it up by a few pages and the front cover, running away from the scene.]

Oh my gosh! Even the butterflies here are mean!
15th-May-2010 11:50 am - [Voice]
Say What?
[A frightened and slightly disgruntled Sonny finally manages to gather up the courage to open up her closet door and come slowly crawling out. The huge near-hole in her wall was magically gone by now, and although she'd seen those flaming trees falling from the sky, heard them crashing into the ground and buildings, heard people freaking out, she began to wonder if it had been a dream. The trouble having subsided, Sonny opened her journal that had been at her side during the inclement weather the day before.]

Okay... now I know why people don't like this place! That was... insane!
3rd-May-2010 04:30 pm - Housewarming? [Action]
Say What?
[Sonny is having a bit of a hard time right about now, climbing up the stairs to her relatively new apartment. It wouldn't be so difficult if she hadn't gone shopping for housewarming gifts for herself. Struggling up the stairs of community housing building 4, from the first floor to the fifth with bags and other somewhat heavy objects, she's got a long way to go. She's perfectly determined, and willing to make the climb alone, but she'd be grateful for some help.]

Wow... I didn't notice I got so much stuff!
18th-Apr-2010 12:42 pm - Lost Actriz [Action Post]
[Enter one dazed and confused Sonny Munroe, wandering about the center of the village.] Hi! My name's Sonny! [Needless to say, she looks a little lost, but in spite of that fact, she's trying to remain cheerful as she explores.] Hi! I'm Sonny! [The golden-yellow wings on her back flutter nervously to the rhythm of her heart rate.] Hello there! My name's Sonny! [To just about everyone she sees, she gives a toothy grin and a wave.]

Hi, I'm Sonny!

[Perhaps she's bumped into you?]
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